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Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Over the past few years Quiet Wing developed and certified numerous SFAR 88 kits to bring aircraft auxiliary fuel tanks into compliance with various ADs

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This gave us the insight and knowledge to move the current auxiliary fuel tank technology to the next level.

Certification  on the B737-400 and 500 series aircraft, as well as the Airbus A321 is already completed with FAA STCs issued and TCCA (Canadian) validation received on the -500 system

B737-400 STC # ST02595LA.              B737-500 STC # ST02504SE            A321-211 STC # STO2587SE

These new aux fuel tank systems are compliant with all of the latest regulation to include flammability, lightening, HIRF and environmental.

We are also in the process of applying the technology to meet the new flammability regulations per FAA docket 2005-22997 and FAR 25.981

Click HERE to check on the applicability of the new flammability rule to your aircraft and operation.

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