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Quiet Wing Cockpit DoorThe unfortunate events of 9/11 led to an immediate requirement to reinforce and lock out intruders from the cockpit of transport aircraft. The FAA published a specification and many companies entered the market only to find that the requirements are very tough to meet. Capitalizing on the Company’s extensive background designing and certifying numerous systems for transport category aircraft, Quiet Wing Corporation engineered a comprehensive cockpit security solution to comply with all FAA and EASA requirements. The Quiet Wing cockpit security door is FAA certified and approved via the STC process for all 727 series aircraft, the 737 “classics” (-200 through -500 series) and Convair 580 and 5800. The cockpit security door installations are approved by the FAA, the European Aircraft Certification Agency (EASA) and Transport Canada as well as a number of overseas airworthiness authorities.

The Quiet Wing door design is modular, allowing the same basic components to be utilized on most aircraft types. The decompression mechanism is self-contained and pneumatically actuated with no electronics or software. The open/close door mechanism is manual, making it a very simple, highly reliable design.

Key design features include:

  • The complete installation kit includes: door, frame, jamb assembly, and all attachment hardware. Our Cockpit Security Doors ship with all documentation and 8130-3 tags
  • Pneumatically actuated lock/release mechanism on blowout panels
  • Manual lock/unlock
  • A unique bulletproof, one-way viewport that allows maximum viewing capability of the cabin area immediately by the cockpit door
  • Capability to secure the cockpit overnight from the cabin side
  • Installation completed in less than 12 hours
  • Competitive pricing
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