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Quiet Wing Winglets

Fuel Quantity Indication System

Quiet Wing has developed a new state of the art fuel quantity indicating system.

Using a unique “time-lapse” method the Quiet Wing system is compatible with any capacitance based fluid measurement system.

Currently, the LED gauges and associated wire harness are “drop in” replacements for the old mechanical Ragen gauges commonly found on B727 and B737 aircraft. Taking a cue from the software industry, the Quiet Wing system is a true “plug and play” system.
Total time to install ……..< 1 hour !!

B727 FE panel, auxiliary fuel tank fuel quantity display and control

Fuel Indicating
Additionally we have developed and certified a complete fuel quantity and fuel transfer system for our auxiliary fuel tanks. The system consisting of probes, gauges, electronic control box and specialized devices to meet the new flammability regulations and electrical energy  containment is certified and in use and qualified to DO160F
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