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Quiet Wing Winglets

Fuel Tank Inerting and Flammability Reduction Method

FAA certified

Quiet Wing has developed a unique system to meet the new flammability rules that are part of the requirements of FAA docket 2005-22997.

View a summary of this rule HERE

View the complete FAA Docket 2005-22997 HERE

Click HERE to check on the applicability of the new flammability rule to your aircraft and operation.

The inerting system is available as a stand alone system but is also provided as part of the Quiet Wing auxiliary fuel tanks.

Should you equip your aircraft with the Quiet Wing auxiliary fuel tank system the included flammability reduction system will be sized to also provide flammability protection to the aircraft center wing tank. This gives you the ability to meet all of the regulations in one shop visit and be in compliance with all of the latest regulations.

Unlike other systems, The Quiet Wing FRS (flammability reduction system) only uses air to meet the regulations…and the first system is now FAA certified..!! STC number STO2439LA has been issued and the technology developed during the certification is now being applied to additional aircraft models and features:

  • No inert gas generation or filtration system
  • No filters to change
  • No pumps
  • Simple plumbing

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