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Quiet Wing Corporation originally developed, certified and patented a unique flap modification on the B727 series aircraft. The same design philosophy is also certified on the B737-200 series aircraft and will be available on the 300,400 and 500 series aircraft. The wing camber is changed with a permanent extension of the aft trailing edge flap segment. This increases the camber of the wing and thus achieves a greater lift component especially during low speed performance such as at takeoff. The greater lift achieved leads directly to an improvement in payload capability. Additionally, the trailing edge flap droop is carefully engineered to maximize the L/D ratio thus achieving some drag reduction at cruise. This aids in a fuel burn reduction at cruise.

The new aerodynamics of the wing is matched to a corresponding modification of the flap settings. This gives the aircraft the following benefits:

  • Ability to take off at higher weights where previously limited – up to a 15,000 lb. increase
  • Steeper climb gradient
  • Higher cruise altitude
  • Lower stall speed
  • Drag reduction; Lower fuel and engine costs

The Quiet Wing Performance System has received multiple STC approvals from the FAA and comes complete with all parts, engineering, installation drawings and instructions, manuals and FAA approved AFM Amendment to include new take off tables.

To see how the Quiet Wing Performance System can change your aircraft’s performance, please complete the attached Induction Checklist and return to Quiet Wing. Include a typical airport pair and we will run a side-by-side analysis on your current aircraft versus the same aircraft equipped with our Performance System.

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