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Quiet Wing Winglets


Quiet Wing Corporation developed, certified and installed the first winglets on commercial category aircraft in 1993. Since then, the technology developed by Quiet Wing has been well recognized as a significant contributor to fuel savings, reduction in CO2 emissions, noise reduction and overall aerodynamic improvements.

The winglets provide a reduction of drag inducing wingtip vortices. This enables the aircraft to achieve:

  • Payload increases
  • Lower thrust levels required throughout the flight envelope leading to lower engine maintenance costs
  • Noise reduction
  • Fuel savings, depending on the stage lengths of up to 6%
  • Extended range
  • Substantial Emission Reductions

The Winglet System consists of the winglets and a patented modification to the flap system. It is certified on all models and variants of the B727 series aircraft and hundreds are still in service worldwide.

Link to Induction Checklist – B727 and B737


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